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ACTFL Meeting (cont’d)

Report of Presentation by Jianhua Shen On November 20-21, 2009, I attended and presented at the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) 2009 conference that was held in San Diego, CA. There were more than 49 panels…

ACTFL Meeting (cont’d)

2009 ACTFL Annual Conference Report by Fan Liu, EALL I went to the ACTFL 2009 annual conference from November 19, 2009 to November 22, 2009. I gave a presentation regarding making movie clips and its multi-function in Chinese teaching, and went…

CLS Panel Discussion Re MLA Language Recommendations (Arthur Mitchell)

Report on CLS Panel Discussion Re the MLA Language Recommendations

By Arthur Mitchell

The true effectiveness of language study in cultivating cultural understanding and self-awareness seems to me to be rooted in that thrilling and yet potentially traumatic experience (at least for many Americans) of actually entering into and engaging a community of foreign language speakers. This experience consists, on the one hand, of the struggle of having to use an alternate and unfamiliar system for producing and comprehending meaning and, on the other, the subtle transformations of the self that necessarily occur through the assimilation of this alternate system. To the extent that language education ignores the experience of speaking the foreign language within the foreign society, to the extent that it discounts the transformational impact of engaging a foreign community within its own language – i.e. the way that language is constitutive through its instrumentality – it forfeits the most important cultural lessons that language learning has to offer.