The CLS Fall IIG Expo

The first annual CLS Fall IIG Expo proved to be a successful event. The half-day conference on Saturday, November 10th, 2007 got started early with a casual buffet breakfast. There were 40 attendees, 7 Instructional Innovation Grant presentations by Yale faculty, and 2 presentations given by faculty from other universities. The focus of both presentations by visiting faculty was on video, projects done both by students and faculty. The 7 IIG presentation topics showcased the wide range of faculty projects supported by and developed in tandem with the CLS. Participants were all pleased to hear about and benefit from the diversity of projects going forth among Yale language instructors. Many said they came away from the expo with new project ideas. The event’s format was an important element in its success, brief power point intros preceded a “poster” session. The intros allowed the audience a sense of the range of IIGs while the “poster” session permitted interested parties to ask questions of presenters individually. The Fall Expo stands as the first time we have had such a large audience for any IIG presentations. This is what made the day so successful – a true community of language professionals gathered for the day’s events. Participant feedback about the event was overwhelmingly positive.

img_0805.jpg img_0809.jpg img_0813.jpg img_0814.jpg img_0817.jpg img_0818.jpg img_0820.jpg

For more complete information about the event please refer to the link below. The full program and links to individual participant’s presentations are available at:

CLS Fall Expo

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