CLS Calendar of Events 2009-2010

Spring 2010 Brown Bag Sessions at the CLS

The Center for Language Study announces a new series of one-hour sessions that will highlight current topics and innovations in foreign language teaching and learning.  Each one-hour session will offer a brief presentation on the topic followed by a discussion.

Time: Thursdays, 12:30-1:30 pm

Place: Center for Language Study
370 Temple Street
CLS Library, Room 106

RSVP: If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to John Graves, Foreign Language Resource Specialist at .

Please bring your lunch; we’ll provide the coffee!

We hope to see you there!

2/4 – ClassesV2:

Presenters: John Graves, Foreign Language Resource Specialist, CLS
Sybil Alexandrov, Senior Lector, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

ClassesV2 is more than just a location online to post your syllabus. Let us show you how to integrate multimedia content and web-based materials into this fully functional course management system.  Make ClassesV2 into a space that becomes an extension of the learner’s in class learning experience.

For more information about ClassesV2:!gateway/page/!gateway-200
2/11 – PowerPoint:

Presenter: John Graves, Foreign Language Resource Specialist, CLS

Learn about creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations that combine images, audio and video to introduce language concepts and cultural elements.

2/18 – Wimba Voice:

Presenter: John Graves, Foreign Language Resource Specialist, CLS

Do you find it hard to make time in the semester to provide feedback on your student’s oral skills? Wimba Voice is an online voice recorder that allows for your students to record and submit samples of their spoken language online.  The benefit of online submission is that it allows for you to evaluate student’s oral skills at anytime from anywhere.

For more information about Wimba Voice:
2/25 – Heritage Language Education:

Presenters: Nelleke van Deusen-Scholl, Director, CLS
Seungja Choi, Language Program Director, East Asian Languages and Literatures
Peisong Xu, Senior Lector, Department of East Asian Language and Literatures
Sybil Alexandrov, Senior Lector, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Julia Titus, Senior Lector, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Kiarie Wa’Njogu, Senior Lector II, African Studies

The First International Conference on Heritage/Community Languages will be held at UCLA from February 19th-21, 2010.  The conference will be devoted to the emerging field of heritage/community language education which seeks to identify the unique needs of heritage language learners. This session will be a roundtable discussion facilitated by several of the Yale language faculty who attended the conference and presented their work in this area.

For more information about HLRC Conference:
3/4 – SCOLA:

Presenter: John Graves, Foreign Language Resource Specialist, CLS

Have you ever wanted to use news clips in your class, but decided against the idea because you didn’t have the time to obtain proper copyright permission? SCOLA is an online service that receives, re-transmits and distributes television programming from around the world in the native language.  As part of this service, SCOLA has filed for all the permissions for you. All you need to do is download the programming and it is ready for you to use.

More information on SCOLA, visit their homepage:

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