Yale Language Faculty Attend First International Heritage Conference at UCLA


Heritage/community language education is a developing multidisciplinary field at the intersection of demography, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, education and other disciplines. Research in the field seeks to identify the unique needs of heritage language learners. This research is informing the design of pedagogically sound approaches to the teaching of heritage languages in K-16 and in community settings.

Previously, two landmark conferences on heritage languages (Long Beach, CA 1999 and Tysons Corner, VA 2001) focused on heritage languages in the United States. By inviting participants from around the world, we hope to forge international collaborations, expand the scope of research into heritage/community languages, and broaden our understanding of issues facing researchers and educators around the world. We also hope to map out new directions for research and teaching.

Papers, poster presentations, and panel discussions included the following themes:

  • Research pertaining to demographics, sociology, linguistics, psychology, education
  • Policy
  • Aboriginal languages
  • Teacher education
  • Development of instructional resources and materials
  • Six practitioner oriented workshops

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