Yale Sweeps AATI 2011 College Essay Contest

The Yale Italian Department has again swept the American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI) College Essay Contest. Both 2011 winners will receive a $500 award. They are:

1. For Italian-language essays, Agustin Paniagua ’12, “Il Mezzogiorno di Lampedusa e di Levi: un’analisi comparata” (ITAL 161, Selected Readings in Italian Prose, Sodi)

2. For English-language essays, Lauren Campbell ’11, “The Relationship between Consumption and Compassion in The Decameron and Mostly Martha” (ITAL 205, Italian Food and Literature, Sodi)

The jury was composed of professors Antonello Borra (UVM), Armando Di Carlo (UC Berkeley) and Ernesto Livorni (UMich).  Yale also took home both 2009 AATI College Essay awards.

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