Adobe offers free online course to jump-start creativity in the classroom

Adobe is offering a free six week course “Creativity in Today’s Classroom” to explore how you can use the Creative Cloud suite to bring creativity into the classroom and engage your students.  Class starts on March 2nd and runs through April 12th.

Here is the schedule from their site:
Week 1: Explore Creativity Learn why creativity is important in today’s classroom, self-assess your creativity readiness and grow your creativity level.
Week 2: Designing for Creativity Infuse your lesson designs with strategies to foster student creativity and achievement.
Week 3: Implementing Creativity Overcome the challenges of facilitating creativity in your instructional activities and invigorate your students’ project-based work.
Week 4: Managing Creativity Create a classroom culture where creativity can flourish in a safe, respectful, and collaborative environment.
Week 5: Assessing Creativity Explore how educational leaders assess creativity, define your creativity standards and create an interactive assessment tool.
Week 6: Final Projects Share your work and find ways to stay connected after the course ends.
Final Assignment: Design a plan for fostering creativity in your classroom.

Learn more at

*The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is available to Yale staff and faculty at a discounted rate (

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