2014 Chicago Language Symposium

Attending the 2014 Chicago Language Symposium has been a great opportunity for me especially because it made me realize how much depth there is in teaching languages in current times.

In addition to the past approaches and techniques used by language instructors there is the use and exploration of/for a variety of additional technology tools.

As teaching technology evolves more and more language experts refine the adaptation of technological programs and devices to better support their students’ learning.

Many presenters at the Chicago Language Symposium concentrated on the realistic abilities for students in becoming proficient in a second language. Moreover, the presentations gathered scientific and statistical data in order to support their new models of teaching through the use of advanced technology platforms and tools.

Collaborative uses of technological tools seem to be the focus for language instructors and feedback from students helps instructors define the use of specific language software.

Furthermore language instructors are assigning projects that students can complete and prepare outside of the classroom with the freedom of personal preferences in production and self-assessment.

Cultural impact and competence are a focal point for international studies and language learning. The use of social media and modern media connectivity has been supporting critical thinking, elimination of stereotyping, and an authentic emotional experience.



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