Community-based language learning poster showcase 2/9/2017

On Friday, February 9, faculty participants in the May 2016 Instructional Innovation Workshop (IIW) held a poster presentation event at the CLS. Their posters illustrated innovative language teaching and learning projects in various community-based contexts, including heritage schools, public libraries, Yale campus tours and more.

IIW projects included:

  • Sybil Alexandrov, “My [New] Haven: Community and Place-based Teaching Modules”
  • Hsiu-hsien Chan, “Linguistic Landscapes in Chinese Heritage Classroom”
  • Marion Gehlker, “Refugee Crisis and Ecological Issues and the Yale and New Haven Communities”
  • Shiri Goren, “Community Based Learning without a Community?: A Practical Model — Review and Assessment”
  • Angela Lee-Smith, “Yale Bulldog Day Campus Tour in Korean!”
  • Ninghui Liang, “Promoting Community-Based Chinese Learning”
  • Theresa Schenker & Sarab Al Ani, “Language Outreach at the Local Library: German & Arabic for Children”
  • Quang Van, “Vietnamese Language at Yale and Community-Based Language Learning”

Enjoy the photos from the event, and stay tuned for more on this topic!
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