Learning from the languages of New Haven

March 2 update: slides from the event, with links to all sites shown, can be accessed here.

On Thursday, March 2, the CLS Brown Bag lunchtime series will feature a discussion about how Yale language students and instructors can learn from and interact with the diverse language resources of the New Haven area (details and RSVP here). This topic builds off several initiatives underway on the Yale campus already, including the 2016-2017 Instructional Innovation Workshop group’s projects on community-based language learning, continuing initiatives on heritage language learning, and a series of events on language teaching with the linguistic landscape.

There’s a page on the CLS website (“The languages of New Haven“) that’s a starting point for thinking about where, and by whom, over 100 languages are spoken, written, and taught in the New Haven area. You can also find inspiring examples of initiatives to showcase the rich linguistic diversity of cities larger than New Haven, but smaller than the megalopolises like New York and London already so well known for their languages–places where Tucson, Arizona, and Manchester, England.

But instead of focusing just on what’s already ‘out there,’ we’d like to invite anyone attending the March 2 discussion–and anyone else who’s interested beforehand and afterwards–to contribute your ideas here, so we can build resources and opportunities together:

  • If you’re teaching or learning a language in New Haven, how can or does New Haven serve as a resource for you? How can learning happen outside the classroom? What resources are available, and what local partnerships can be made? How can Yale language classes contribute to the community? Please leave a comment below (note: first-time comments are held a short time for moderation)
  • Do you know a place in or near New Haven where a language other than English is spoken or visible, or where it is taught or learned? You can add to the map below by submitting information on this form

We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd!

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